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About us?

We are a company focused on providing digital educational services to your company or educational institution, involving you in the process. We provide solutions to your needs through e-learning or virtual courses, tailored to your needs with state of the art technology.


Our services

Clase en línea

In Searching in the skies, We offer you solutions for the design and development of virtual courses or e-learning, being the best option to improve the educational quality of your company or institution. Implementing cutting edge technology. 


Persona sonriente con tableta

Educational platform

We are the best option in the assembly and administration of educational platforms (LMS/Scorm), either on your educational platform or Moodle. We provide the best virtual environment where learning has never been so pleasant and friendly before.

Casco de realidad virtual

In Searching in the skiesYou can count on state-of-the-art technology in which you will have videos, scenarios, games and more. All in 3D format or virtual reality.

3D / virtual reality

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