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Plataforma y LMS

LMS and Educational Platform

We are the best option in the assembly and administration of educational platforms (LMS/Scorm/OVAs), either on your educational platform or Moodle. We provide the best virtual environment where learning has never been so pleasant and friendly before.

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Enviar mensajes de texto por teléfono celular

Implement or improve the method of training or induction, selection or tests and more; for the needs of your teamretail.

Retail LMS

Aprendizaje Mujer en la computadora

Users Management

We facilitate your work by monitoring users, providing security, data protection, anti-cheat, technical support, role assignment, permissions within the platform and user statistics, among others.

Vendedor en línea

We provide the solution to implement or improve your virtual classroom, generating an easy management of it, a better educational experience in an interactive, social, educational and easy-to-use way for all users.

Virtual classroom

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